# 695 ….: Money Money Money ! :…

NEW! Dialogue – ICON glasses at JAIL EVENT FEB 2022 round (10th to 30th)
NEW! Finer Threads – Sam Coat Fatpack at Access
NEW! SH POSE – For You
NEW! Finer Threads – Jr Jogger
NEW! OKARA – T1612:. BEARD-2K22-BOM-EVOX-003
NEW! Bad Unicorn – Money Talks – Text at TMD FEB 2022 Round ends on the last day of the month.
NEW! Modulus “Colt” hair FATPACK at TMD FEB 2022 Round ends on the last day of the month.

Evolution Head Skyler 3.1 by Lelutka
Janus Rings & Bracelets Set 1.1 by RealEvil Industries
Athletic Meshbody by Legacy
Blue moon – gold/cream by Deadwool
Make it Rain Money – Stack by Bad Unicorn

Money Talks Gacha Pack by Since1975
Money Talks – Safe Door SOI / Money Talks – Money Blinded (wear me) / Money Talks – Wearable Banknotes & Pallet / Money Talks – Counter / Money talks – Diamond & Tools / Money talks – Moneys on Table / Money Talks – Safe Bag / Money Talks – Safe RARE.
Dealer Kitchen – Mountain Bills by NikotiN
Barrel (BlackVersaceGold) Rezz by Elite Paris
Grouchy Cat Napping by Rezz Room
The Vault – PG version Package by Abiss Interior

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