#364..:Lonely life of a modern day explorer:..

NEW! Cubura Dalton Kilt at Unik Event (Opening next June 7th)
NEW! Modulus – Murphy Hair Right at Arcade June 2019
NEW! F u o e y Leo Beard at Man Cave Event
NEW! f u o e y Hair Base at Dubai Event

Head: Stanley [Bento] 3.2 by Catwa
Necklace Sniper Tags by RealEvil
Steking Ears Season 5 by Mandala Jewelry
Pierce Taper Pierce Neko Mandala by Mandala Jewelry
Body: Gianni – Mesh Body by Signature Body Mesh
Gianni – BodyHair01 (BROWN) – v1.3 Body: Gianni – Mesh Body by Signature Body Mesh
Triumph Boots – Male by Gos
Viking Tattoo by Speakeasy
Pose: Deserto by CORDEAUX

Rocky Cliffs from Studio by Skye Studio
Sakura Tree by Studio Skye
Ravine Bridge (stone) by Studio Skye
Enchanted Woods V2 [2.20] PINES by Studio Skye
Tropical Plants Pack 2 from Studio Skye
Tangled Cherry Arch by Studio Skye

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